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Cell Phone Clip Holder, Gooseneck Clamp Universal Lazy Mount Flexible Long Arm Bracket for 3.5-6.3 Phones

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  • CHOOSE YOUR ANGLE: Featuring a 360 degree rotating and flexible arm, our cell phone holder allows you to free up your hands, reduce neck strain and enjoy- no matter the position you want the phone.
  • STRONG & SECURE: With a large clip base and strong yet bendy arms, you can rest assured that your cell phone will not fall to the ground or slip out of the holder. Mount the holder firmly on your dash without worrying about vibrations from the road knocking it down.
  • GOES WHERE YOU GO: Whether you are cooking in the kitchen, exercising at the gym, working at the office or driving around town, our cell phone holder allows you to listen to music, watch movies or get directions-hands free.
  • CONVENIENT & ADJUSTABLE: Featuring an adjustable clip varying from 0 to 2.75 inches (7cm), our handy cell phone holder can be used at a small table, your bed frame or even a desk! Designed with an anti-slip silicone base, the holder will not cause damage to your furniture.
  • COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY: Designed to fit most smartphones, our holder will adjust from 3.5 inches up to 6.3 inches. Our long arm cell phone holder expands up to 33.46 inches (85cm) for your viewing pleasure.Doesn’t work / not recommended for:
    • For best results, use both hands to adjust- one hand steadies the base while the other

    hand adjusts the arm to desired position.

    • Use “S” shape to prevent the phone from slipping down.
    • Refrain from bending the same part of the arm back and forth repeatedly.
    • Use on a flat surface rather than beveled surfaces.
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Product Dimensions

7.1 x 2.6 x 7.8 inches

Item Weight

12.3 ounces

Shipping Weight

14.4 ounces

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